About gherdling

Glenn Herdling, a graduate of Bucknell University with a B.A. in English and Psychology, began his publishing career in 1987 at Marvel Comics. As assistant editor on Marvel’s flagship Spider-Man titles, he was instrumental in increasing circulation to a record 3 million. Glenn was promoted to Editorial Director of Marvel’s Custom Publishing division where, in addition to writing and editing Beavis & Butt-Head, he served as an account executive and designed the company’s first award-winning Annual Reports. Glenn also spent 2 years in Marvel’s production department where he managed the production of over 20 monthly titles.

In defense of cynicism

You don’t like upper management, but you do like dogs. Pay no attention to the fact that this analogy is irrelevant. Because while other would-be-leaders are trying to figure out who moved their cheese, this blog will help you teach your dogs to fetch yours. The Team as Pack Dogs live in packs. People work […]


Was Houdini’s Brother Really a Vampire?

In a word, no. But William Weiss fit the “bill” perfectly for role I needed him to play in Piper Houdini: Apprentice of Coney Island. Here’s why… As I’ve explained elsewhere, Piper Houdini began as a pitch to Marvel Comics back in 2001. The main character was going to be a 12-year-old boy named Duncan […]